Pastor grabbed me before i left church and said “hey i dont know whats going on but i have a feeling and somthing is tell me that God has a plan for you and that you need to look for signs of that plan and you need to tell someone you love dearly that your sorry for the actions you have made and you neef to be a witness to that person and you know who that person is.. shes came here before” then he asked to pray over me i brokedown and after the prayer he goes on to tell me to do whag seems impossible but trust God and everything is gonna be okay i believe that completely so to you out there.. Im sorry ive fallen short once more and i have failed but i will rise again and i will conquer this demon i will overcome and Gods will for me will be in place. I love you im sorry

Idk why but i just started thinking and my gosh i love her idk what it is but i just freaking love her like theres no other way to explain it when i hear her name thats all i can think shes all i think about when i see her im just amazed by what God has placed in my life for me and i stand in ah amazed and gazed and just think to myself.. i love her i love her i love her so much her name the name that means everything to me.. Emily

Patiently waiting to give up everything I got 
Start thinking about my future at the number one spot 
My friends think they lost me 
But I’m still the same me

Got big hearts but they’re just some kids 
Cali made, flashy sins 
Need nobody ‘cause we know where we fit in